About Us

EIFTV is a Network and Distribution company owned by David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. 


The objective of EIFTV is to provide viewers with great free educational, informational programming that is suitable for the whole family! This content is available on a local station network across the United States, on OTT Apps Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and EIFTV.COM. 

Our free, safe, fun, and captivating content is unique and entertaining and keeps the attention of viewers young and old!

We split revenue with our partners 50/50: no processing charges, no material fees. Payment is monthly or quarterly, whichever you prefer. 


We accept submissions from content creators or distributors that want to sub-license. Submit the form under the contact tab if you are interested in partnering with EIFTV.COM. 

EIFTV is owned by David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. an Emmy® Award-winning production company producing content, commercials, and promotional announcements for broadcast, cable, and electronic mediums. The company’s owner and Executive Producer, David Harris Katz, has been in the entertainment industry for almost 30 years, having done work for NBC, CBS, ABC, King World, Tribune, Telepictures, Cablevision, and many others. 

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