This eclectic series offers fascinating histories and in-depth information on some of the most revered classic cars of yesteryear. Each episode features several classic cars, providing in-depth information on individual makes and models, and how each car came to be.

Jaguar XK150

In this episode, we will cover the introduction of the 1959 Chrysler Royal, the beautiful heavyweight Jaguar sports car, and the perfect MGA car. This compact car displays elegance with its gentle touches. Between tradition and speed it feels like a missile on the road.

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Porsche 911

In this episode, we will discover the British T (Midgate) car and we will go in search of car treasures and dust off classic cars. The story of MG began in 1928 with the launch of the first car, the Model M or the Midget, and it was an instant success.

Lamborghini Miura

In this episode, we picked a stunning classic American sports car and we'll look closely at an Italian racing car from Japanese automaker Datsun or the world's best-seller of sports cars thanks to the 270Z he produced in the 1970s, which was a more modest start for Datsun in the auto market. Many considered their previous effort a more attractive classic convertible. This is the 2000 Datsun sports car, also known as the Fairlady.

Chrysler Royal

In this episode, we'll find out what happens when you put three classic cars together as one, which is surprisingly beautiful. American models under many nicknames from Dodge to Desoto, Chrysler competed with a local company called Holden and American competitors, Ford and Chevrolet, for market share from the mid-to-late 1950s. Different American models were still very expensive, so the decision was taken to choose one car to replace everyone, that car was (Chrysler Royal) the name of the car has been revived since (Plymouth) in 1930.

Lotus Europa

In this episode, we go for a ride as we find a futuristic classic car (Jaguar range) and what do you do when you own a classic car? In the late fifties, a group of Chevrolet designers and engineers imagined the idea of ​​a majestic car within the reach of the average American. The car that embodied this vision was known as (Chevrolet Impala) The first group of production lines in 1958 Impala car known as (Belle Air Impala) was different From the conservative designs of the previous cars so that its style was more refined and impressive

Mini Cooper S

In this episode we will take you on a British classic tour commonly known as the "Effective Quick Tour", we will test your knowledge of classic cars through a difficult test. (Porsche) from the past and back in the sixties when (London Town) was swaying, one car stood as an icon of that time. This car was the (Mini) that was made in 1959 by the British Engine Company. Few cars have passed the test of time as the Mini.


In this episode we will discover the hidden potential of a very powerful American car that will become a classic of the future and some exciting classic racing This is the MGP convertible (V8) racing modified car, a source of pride for its owner and maker (Andy Morgan) This engine was very popular that started with the name (Buick) The American-designed V8, which is made of 8-cylinder aluminum (Rover), was made with the same characteristics. It entered the manufacture of many cars from the late sixties to the beginning of the eighties, such as the Triumph TR8 and Morgan Plus 8 and Rover saloon and coupe cars. At that time it was widely used in the production of British sports cars, its great advantage was its lightweight, large capacity and the possibility of adjustment.

VW Karmann Ghia

In this episode, we will learn about a classic German car with smooth lines. It's the Volkswagen Carmen Ghia. The Carmen Ghia was a small four-seater coupe made between 1955 and 1974 marketed by (Foxwagen) and made by car body makers (Carmen) based on On the chassis of the first type of (Fox Wagon), it was known as (Voxwagen Beetle), it had a (Fox Wagon) chassis with a gearbox and an engine with a smooth body from (GT) with four small seats hence the name (Carmen Ghia) from (Wilhelm Carmen) Auto bodybuilders in Osnibruck and designed by Ghia in Turin.

Chevy Camaro

In this episode, we will tour this unique Italian two-door car, drive this very rare British sports car, return to the classic car of the future, and also explore a large private collection that (Alfa Romeo) has been keen to add value to any successful chassis design by developing different body designs to suit the operating equipment. The first (Alfa Romeo) to put a powerful engine in a lighter and smaller car The Giulia 105 was not only a financial success but also a great performance From this foundation came to the popularity of the two-door Spider convertible with the aim of increasing the charm of the 105 style Alfa Romeo resorted to the manufacturers Cars (Zigato) to add something new to this style

Triumph TR3

In this episode, we discover a great sporting success and drive an Italian family sports car that sets a new standard in dynamic performance (Alfa Romeo), a car maker that has earned its reputation for designing and building exceptional cars for regular driving and racing and has enhanced (Alfa Romeo) as well-made sports coupes that are reasonably priced and that drive truly great. They are beautiful, elegant, and cost less than the competition, all are minor changes to the shape and improvements to the mechanics in a significant way, the increase in engine power

Alpha Romeo

And in this episode we will go for a ride with a “Spider” “not that fishy type” and drive the car that most consider the most beautiful car (Britain) has ever made” “and it’s also a fast car” The “Alfa Romeo Spider” This is an Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce, which was made in 1974 and the word (Vellucci) refers to containing a 2-liter reciprocating engine, which is one of the variants used by (Alpha) many centuries ago. Presentation of the red Alfa Veloce car, as the red color was the favorite of most Italian cars, and the Spyder was based on the beautiful speed car Giulia 105 in its design.

Aston Martin GT

In this episode, we'll talk to experts in the art of classic car restoration and we'll be driving a beautiful and very sporty open-top car from a classic English brand and also in the program... British spy plus a bit of futurism with some classic futuristic cars.

Citroen 2 CV

In this episode, we explore a very large car museum with rare and exciting vehicles. We ride an exotic French classic car that has won the love of many around the world. Also, in our program, we take a closer look at old Italian classic cars and their rare design, in addition to a futuristic classic car with a long history, a polished and very fast car from (the United Kingdom).