PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED. Join Sergeant Joe Friday and his partners as they solve crimes in the city of Los Angeles, California. Did you know the series took its name from the police term "dragnet," meaning a system of coordinated measures for apprehending criminals or suspects.

Detective, Crime, Mystery, Drama


13 x 30 HD Episodes Available

Dragnet EP1

The Big Cast

Friday begins to question Henry Ross, a suspect in a man's disappearance, which Friday believes is a murder. Ross coolly and calmly denies any involvement in the disappearance, but Friday's relentless interrogation soon begins to crack the man's facade.

Dragnet EP2

The Big Casing

A man claims that his wife committed suicide right before him, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

Dragnet EP3

The Big Seventeen

Friday and Smith investigate a group of teenagers using and selling drugs.

Dragnet EP4

The Big Break

Friday leads a team in a raid on the house of a very dangerous armed robber, which results in a bloody shootout.

Dragnet EP5

The Big Rifle

Friday and Smith search for a missing boy. The first sign that the case is serious is when blood is found. Further probing reveals the boy's parents had purchased him a .22-caliber rifle.

Dragnet EP6

The Big Dance

Friday and Smith are looking for two thugs who have disappeared from the city.

Dragnet EP7

The Big Betty

A gang of con artists checks the obituary section of the daily newspaper, then uses the information they gather to prey on the grief-stricken families of those who have recently died.

Dragnet EP8

The Big Boys

Friday and Smith receive a bulletin about an armed four-person gang, two of whom are army deserters, who have committed a series of robberies and auto thefts in San Francisco and are on their way to Los Angeles.

Dragnet EP9

The Big Girl

The detectives try to track down a tall, beautiful woman who has been terrorizing the city by robbing men, beating them up, and in some cases, shooting them.

Dragnet EP10

The Big Frame

A man is found dead in the gutter. At first, it seems like a hit-run case, but Friday and Smith become suspicious when all witnesses from the night before giving precisely the same story. Usually, witnesses are at variance in some respects.

Dragnet EP11

The Big False Make

Friday doubts the guilt of a gardener who has confessed to a crime.

Dragnet EP12

The Big Crime

Friday goes after missing children and their kidnappers in Los Angeles.

Dragnet 13

The Big Bar

A holdup man is sticking up bars. After he takes the money, he kills many of his victims. Sergeant Friday has few leads other than that the holdup man likes a particular song on the jukebox and likes to drink scotch and water.