Youngsters will be thoroughly entertained as they join in the adventures of Rae Rae the Red Panda and his friends Safari Stan, Safari Sue, and the Safari Kids, along with their 16 zany animal puppet friends. This fast-paced series introduces children to conserving the environment, science, and the animals we need to protect in a fun yet educational style.

Enviropals! EP1

Environment, Conservation, Children, Family, Educational, Kids


13 x 30 HD Episodes Available

Energy Conservation: Rae Rae visits a natural gas power plant and shows us easy ways to use energy more efficiently and how to conserve energy. Frame overlays surround both light switch plates and outlets, reminding people to both click and unplug devices when they are finished using them. See Kendal the Crocodile.

Enviropals! EP2

Rivers: Rae Rae joins our new friend Aubrey at a National Fish Hatchery to teach us the different stages of fish production, from gathering eggs to the release of full-size fish and the various facilities and methods used. Kids will learn how to create, enjoy, and display a lasting memory of their trip to a riverbank. It is no fish tale, just good environmental fun! See Randy the North American Timber Rattlesnake.

Enviropals! EP3

Noise Pollution: Join Rae Rae and our new friends Max and Bill at the Rube station as they show the kids at home what they might be driving in the future and what the so-called gas stations of tomorrow might be like! Rae Rae guides kids through a timeless project that kids have enjoyed for years. We meet Hippo and Chocolate, our Rabbit friends.

Enviropals! EP4

Alternative Energy: Rae Rae learns how wind turbines use the wind to produce electricity and how this wind farm has enough energy to power over 10,000 homes! Rae Rae guides the viewers at home as they construct their solar oven made out of a simple take-out pizza box. 

Enviropals! EP5

Air Pollution: Rae Rae’s new friend Rachael explains how the fish ladder works and how important it is for the Salmon, Kelp, and other fish to be able to return yearly to their spawning grounds. Enviro-Do-And Show Project: Enviro-tester: Rae Rae shows the kids at home how they can build a remote location air quality measuring device. See Mary and Maude the Asian Elephants.

Enviropals! EP6

Plant a Tree: Rae Rae visits a Tree Farm and learns how vital trees balance the earth's ecosystem. Timber is one of this country's most fantastic natural resources. Rae Rae shows the kids at home how easy it is to gather seeds and plants and take care of a house tree when he plants his Orange tree! See Sammy the Sloth.

Enviropals! EP7

Save Our Seas: Join Rae Rae as he teaches us the importance of taking care of our oceans and helps him build artificial oyster reefs! Rae Rae demonstrates how to make an artificial oyster bed. See Timmy the Turtle.

Enviropals! EP8

Gardening: Rae Rae visits and participates in the Kids Can Grow program in this episode. These young gardeners utilize a 3x5 feet raised bed garden and a Master Gardener Mentor to assist with the home gardening experience. See Pauli the Pine Snake. Farmer Rae Rae leads kids at home through a simple but fun and practical mini-farm project. 

Enviropals! EP9

Going Green: Rae Rae visits a completely self-sustained GREEN home in New Smyrna Beach, FL, producing electricity via windmill and solar arrays. Get ready for the beautiful sounds only nature can deliver when Rae Rae and the kids at home build an Enviro-Chime (Seashell Windchime) together! See Gary the Green Mamba.

Enviropals! EP10

Weather Changes: Rae Rae visits a water treatment plant to learn how water becomes the drinking water for nearly half a million people. The kids at home will get an up-close look at the process of making water safe to drink. Rae Rae shows how easy it is to create an enviro-water and collection can from plastic milk or juice container. See Anetta the American Alligator.

Enviropals! EP11

National Parks: Rae Rae visits his friend, the meteorologist, who explains what weather is and how its changes affect us daily. Rae Rae will show the kids how to build a functional yet straightforward Enviro-meter (barometer) that will respond to atmospheric pressure changes and weather changes on the horizon. See Gary the Gecko.

Enviropals! EP12

Endangered Species: Join National Park Ranger Ashley and Rae Rae as they explore the Canaveral National Seashore, National Park. Rae Rae will demonstrate how to build a stick frame and mount their prize pictures and photographs to the frame. See Oliver the Owl.

Enviropals! EP13

Water Conservation: A visit to the sea turtle hospital teaches Rae Rae the importance of caring for these vanishing animals and what we can do to prevent more species from becoming endangered. Rae Rae shows the viewers at home how easy it is to create an endangered species hanging mobile using pictures from magazines, construction paper, string, and straws. See Randy the Red Spitting Cobra.