In each episode of Mouse Science, our colorful puppet mouse scientists answer questions relating to science and technology in a fun and engaging way for children (and adults).


Mouse Science is an edutainment puppet show in a fictional science lab. Two mice (wise professor Quiz and his small fidget assistant Chasy) and a really intelligent dog will answer questions commonly asked by children. The questions concern everyday problems that adults and kids face daily but cannot solve on their own.


The main idea of Mouse Science is not just to talk about the physical and chemical phenomena. The show aims to help children look into many everyday situations and realize why adults forbid them to perform specific actions themselves.

Science, Family, History, Educational, Informational, History, Kids, Special Interest, Puppets


6 x 30 HD Episodes Available

Mouse Science EP1

Electricity, Gasses

How does plugging in a tablet to a wall recharge the battery? In this episode, the team explains how electric current passes from the outlet in the wall to the battery in our electronics! And most gasses are harmless, but some have dangerous properties and can be harmful to our bodies. The team talks about the types of gasses that can be dangerous to us mammals and the physical properties of how gasses spread through the air.

Mouse Science EP2

Exchange and Interaction of Substances in Nature, Cold

Our planet survives by a natural give and take from its inhabitants. Plants provide food for smaller animals, which provide food for larger animals, which provide food for the soil, allowing more plants to grow, but humans have thrown nature a curveball. The team looks into this balance in this episode. The team experiments and answers questions about cold temperatures. Why does it get cold outside? What are the properties of cold things? Watch and find out!

Mouse Science EP3

Lightness and Darkness, Optics And Perspective

How the sun and its sunlight allow us to see during the day. How light affects what we see.

Mouse Science EP4

Theory of Light, Aerodynamics, and How Birds And Planes Fly

How lightwaves work and how they illuminate what we see. How gravity affects objects on Earth. How do birds and airplanes fly explained.

Mouse Science EP5

Fire, Metabolism

How fire is created. How different types of foods affect your body.

Mouse Science EP6

Weather Forecast, Water, Magnetism

How water on Earth affects the climate to create weather. How water and the materials that come into contact will sink or float. Why are some stones magnetic, and how do they attract other materials.