Hit the trail with Terri and Todd as they share their love of nature and explore unique scenery, history, activities, and wildlife. This is a real nature adventure reality show where the whole family will experience the unexpected and learn firsthand about our wondrous outdoor world!

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13 x 30 HD Episodes Available

Nature Adventures EP1

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary: Revisited: Terri and Todd revisit the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, where they evaluate changes that one year has made. They talk with founder Dayton O. Hyde about the challenges they are faced with and how important it is to respect our land. They also learn about unique heritage breeds and rescue horses.

Nature Adventures EP2

Park Rapids: Northwood’s Paradise: Terri and Todd attend the MN Governors Fishing Opener near Park Rapids, MN. While in the area, they explore the area, searching for migrating wildlife.

Nature Adventures EP3

Florida’s West Coast: Terri and Todd visit the west coast of Florida, a Mecca for bird species. They also observe and learn about manatees and try their luck at deep-sea fishing.

Nature Adventures EP4

The Everglades: Where Wildlife Abounds: Terri and Todd explore the Everglades of southern Florida, where wildlife abounds!  They even find an endangered American Crocodile!

Nature Adventures EP5

Sea Turtles of Mexico: Terri and Todd visit the Yucatan Peninsula region in southern Mexico to study the behaviors and lives of sea turtles. They work firsthand with a team working to protect and preserve the turtles. They witness females laying eggs and watching hatchlings venture to sea for the first time.

Nature Adventures EP6

Cozumel: Island Paradise: Terri and Todd visit the island paradise, where they take in the sites, scenery, history, and activities of the island and see some of the least explored parts of the island. They also have close encounters with dolphins and manatees.

Nature Adventures EP7

Riviera Maya: Into the Jungle: Terri and Todd visit the Riviera Maya, where they enter the jungle searching for Monkeys. They also see a Mayan village where they learn about their lifestyle and culture and how farming and ecotourism work.

Nature Adventures EP8

Montana: A Trek Through the Mountains: Terri and Todd visit Montana, where they journey to the mountains searching for Grizzly Bears. While there, they learn about the importance of the mountain ecosystem and the creatures that inhabit the region.

Nature Adventures EP9

Exploring Northern Idaho: Terri and Todd visit northern Idaho, where they experience being part of a ranch family. They also explore various wildlife refuges to see what wildlife species they can find.

Nature Adventures EP10

The Plains of the Dakotas: Terri and Todd visit Harding County, South Dakota, where they encounter many magnificent creatures. While there, they see the Slim Buttes, a unique and fascinating region few have visited.

Nature Adventures EP11

South Dakota Parks: Gems of Eastern South Dakota: South Dakota Parks: Gems of Eastern South Dakota: Terri and Todd visit some of their favorite destinations in Eastern South Dakota to feature the diverse landscapes,  the history, and the wildlife that calls the area ‘home’.

Nature Adventures EP12

Black Hills: Land of The Bison: Terri and Todd visit the Black Hills Region of South Dakota and the Badlands. While there, they attend the 2013 Buffalo Roundup at Custer State Park, where they learn the history and importance of Bison and why it’s essential to keep these magnificent creatures roaming the prairies. They also take in some of the other sites in the region and learn more about the animals that call the Black Hills region their ‘home.’

Nature Adventures EP13

Glacier Lakes of the Dakotas: Terri and Todd visit the Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Northeastern South Dakota, a central flyway for migrating birds and waterfowl. They witness a mass migration...something everyone should experience!