P. Allen Smith brings a new style to his long-running series, exploring the many ways you can Grow, Cook, and Design all areas of your life! Discover ideas to spark your creativity as the award-winning designer, gardening, and lifestyle expert adds more gardening, recipes, and creative ways to beautify your home.

Garden Style EP1

Lifestyle, Cooking, Wellness, Gardening


13 x 30 HD Episodes Available

Food From the Farm: P. Allen Smith showcases farmers and their commitment to bringing people back to a more natural way of providing for their families.

Garden Style EP2

Lessons From the Past: Culture is created in everyday life by all of us in our various communities. P. Allen Smith explores heritage activities from days past.

Garden Style EP3

Why Buy?: P. Allen Smith shares some creative tips for redesigning your space using what you already own!

Garden Style EP4

Wedding Season: Design is one of the critical elements of your wedding planning. From cake to bouquet, P. Allen Smith has you covered in this special matrimonial episode of Garden Home.

Garden Style EP5

Cotton All-Around: Nearly 20 billion new items of clothing are purchased each year. Where does it all come from? P. Allen Smith follows the “Cotton Trail” to find out.

Garden Style EP6

Keep it Simple: Do you want to lead a natural and healthy lifestyle but don’t have the time? P. Allen Smith shares some of his shortcuts towards achieving your goals.

Garden Style EP7

Add a Little Color: Color can be a challenging design principle in the garden. P. Allen Smith shows us that with a willing spirit to experiment and following a few simple techniques, you can create your masterpieces.

Garden Style EP8

Chef vs. Chef: 6 Chefs compete for culinary supremacy. But how will they handle P. Allen Smith’s secret ingredient?

Garden Style EP9

Sensory Experiences: Time spent in natural environments can provide health benefits. P. Allen Smith shows us how you can transform your living spaces into sensory delights.

Garden Style EP10

For the Pets: P. Allen Smith’s animals are a part of his life as his gardens. Pets take center stage.

Garden Style EP11

Native Plants: P. Allen Smith emphasizes the importance of fostering native plants and animals in this episode. 

Garden Style EP12

Young Farmers: The number of young people entering farming continues to decline. P. Allen Smith uncovers the opportunities within this vocation and beginners who will soon be leading the way.

Garden Style EP13

Designing Gardens: Nobody knows garden design like P. Allen Smith, so dive on in as we explore tips and tricks of the trade that you can apply in your garden.