Have you ever wondered what you might want to do for the rest of your life? Well, Real Life 101, which is aimed at teens and young adults, introduces you to real people doing real jobs. We cover them all, from doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, career counselors, drug counselors, and special effects directors. Join our energetic hosts for a weekly half-hour of fun and entertainment—Rated High for Educational Content by the Annenberg Policy Center. Check out our www.RL101.com website for help in pursuing the career of your choice.

Real Life 101 EP1

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If you’re a pro-wrestling fan, you may have seen our first guest on TV. Shawn will talk with a former WWE superstar who is now serving the residents of his city as mayor. Then Shawn will speak with an airport operations manager and learn about the many duties involved in running a busy and expanding airport. And if you are into engineering, architecture, and roller coasters, we might have the perfect job for you! We’ll visit SeaWorld Orlando, where Shawn talks with a man who designs many of the thrill rides and attractions at the park!

Real Life 101 EP2

Most pilots try to avoid flying into extreme storms when they can. But Shawn will meet a man whose job is to fly directly into and through tropical storms and hurricanes as a NOAA hurricane hunter pilot. Who would you call if you had a venomous snake in your bathroom or a raccoon in your attic? Shawn will introduce us to a wildlife control operator who captures these critters and removes them from homes and properties. Plus, Shawn will talk with a law student about what it’s like going through law school and working as a summer law clerk serving the low-income population.

Real Life 101 EP3

The old-time barbershops are making a resurgence with a new look. Shawn will meet a barber who loves using his creativity to give his clients a trendy new cut . . . as well as providing a listening ear. There are many ways to further your career once you become a firefighter. We’ll talk with a hazmat team member and learn why he chose this specialty within the fire department. Wonder what it takes to become a licensed architect? Shawn will introduce us to a young woman who will give us a look into the education, training, and licensing required.

Real Life 101 EP4

Interested in a thrilling job in meteorology and aviation? We’ll visit NOAA’s Operations Center, where Shawn meets up with an onboard meteorologist who flies through the worst weather Mother Nature can deliver. The horrific act of human trafficking occurs in cities and towns all over America and throughout the world. Shawn will talk with an investigator whose job is to fight this abuse of innocent victims. On a lighter note, we’ll meet a restaurateur who grew up in – and helps run the Italian restaurant his family owns. He shares with Shawn some of the secrets to the restaurant’s success.

Real Life 101 EP5

Many children have been abandoned and abused in our society. Shawn will speak with a lawyer whose job is to be an advocate for these children and ensure they thrive in a safe home. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when designing and developing a structure. Shawn will meet with an architect and get some insight into his career in making his client’s dreams come true. You may know someone with diabetes or other diseases that affects the glands. Shawn will visit an endocrinologist and see how he treats these conditions and improves his patients’ lives.

Real Life 101 EP6

Shawn will get a glimpse into a career in data science that wasn’t around on our parent’s day when he spoke with the business intelligence manager at a utility company. Then he will meet a woman who shared with him how she turned her imaginative and artistic abilities into a successful career. We’ll also see some of the uplifting books and items she creates! Plus, Shawn will talk with an architectural project manager. He’ll learn how he turned his love of art into a career working on a team to design and build the projects his company is awarded.

Real Life 101 EP7

Our first guest has an incredible story of how she has arisen from an abusive childhood. She talked to Shawn about how she has not only started a coffee shop but is on a mission to help others and bring awareness to human trafficking. There are always new ways in which products can be improved. Helena will visit a manufacturer and see how the process engineer uses his skills to improve the company’s products. Shawn finds out when he talks to a crane operator. We see those massive cranes in so many locations – but did you ever wonder what it takes to operate one?

Real Life 101 EP8

Shawn will go back to school, where he meets a teacher who has put a new spin on teaching STEM classes. He makes learning fun and relevant! Those audio and sound systems you see in churches, concert halls, and corporations aren’t one-size-fits-all. Helena talks with a systems analyst who gives her insight into how he advises his clients on their A/V needs. Rehabilitation after surgery or a medical condition is essential to a person’s successful recovery. Shawn will meet up with a physical therapist assistant and learn how she works with her patients to restore their physical function.

Real Life 101 EP9

Looking for a career where you can really reach for the stars? You won’t want to miss Shawn’s fascinating and informative interview with a veteran NASA astronaut. Speaking of space, we’ll be talking by satellite to a President and General Manager of a TV station and get a glimpse into the many duties he has running the station. Then Shawn will introduce us to a home delivery chef who solves her busy clients’ problems of not having the time to make tasty and healthy dinners themselves.

Real Life 101 EP10

We’ll take you to a TV studio where Helena meets a former NFL Superbowl champion.   He’ll share his inspiring story of what he’s accomplished by putting forth his best effort in every aspect of life – even when things didn’t always go his way. Plus, Shawn will visit a craft shop where he’ll talk to a woman who has turned her hobby into a career by teaching arts and crafts to kids and adults. Finally, Helena will speak with a probation officer and get some insight into how she helps adult offenders rehabilitate and become productive members of society.

Real Life 101 EP11

First, we’ll visit a launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. There Shawn meets up with a structural engineer who tells him about his exciting job being part of a team that prepares for rockets to be launched into space. You’ve probably heard of CrossFit. It’s quite an intense fitness program. Helena will meet a Crossfit coach and see why he loves helping his clients achieve their fitness goals. Plus, Shawn will meet a marketing professional and learn how she keeps up with this constantly changing industry. She also shares with him how she and her team help clients successfully market their products and services.

Real Life 101 EP12

Do you ever dream of being a rock star? Then you’ll want to stay tuned as Shawn introduces us to a musician who will share his journey of becoming a successful singer, songwriter, and bass player. Manufacturing products in America is a vital part of the US economy. Helena will see how one man’s job plays a crucial role in producing an item sold throughout the world. Plus, Shawn will speak with a child protection investigator who assesses the conditions of homes when reports of abuse and neglect have been reported to ensure the well-being of children.

Real Life 101 EP13

Shawn will make an office visit to a pediatrician and see why she chose her specialty of working with children. Putting clues together to solve who committed a crime is a difficult task. Helena gets insight into this challenging career when she meets a crime scene investigator. There are many exciting jobs in the space industry. Shawn will meet up with a space technician who discusses his essential job of assembling a spacecraft’s parts.