Widower Sheriff Andy Taylor, and his son Opie, live with Andy's Aunt Bee in Mayberry, North Carolina. With virtually no crimes to solve, most of Andy's time is spent philosophizing and calming down his cousin Deputy Barney Fife.

Family, Comedy, Drama, Crime


13 x 30 HD Episodes Available

The Andy Griffith Show EP1

The Loaded Goat

What do you do with a goat full of dynamite? Nobody in Mayberry seems to know, least of all Otis, who shows up even more 'loaded' than the goat.

The Andy Griffith Show EP2

Class Reunion

At his high school class reunion, Andy finds that, while memories may fade over time, some connections are never completely broken, and some hearts never completely heal.

The Andy Griffith Show EP3

High Noon in Mayberry

A hard, wounded man with a gun in hand comes to Mayberry looking for Andy. Barney, aiming to keep their sheriff alive, deputizes Otis and Gomer.

The Andy Griffith Show EP4

Rafe Hollister Sings

When image-conscious Mayor Stoner objects to a golden-voiced--but wardrobe-challenged--farmer chosen to represent Mayberry in the upcoming musicale, Andy must find a way to appease all sides.

The Andy Griffith Show EP5

Opie and the Spoiled Kid

Opie's friend Arnold seems to have it all--a new bike, fat allowance, and plenty of leisure time. When the pressure's on, Opie learns that these assets are Arnold's greatest weakness.

The Andy Griffith Show EP6

The Great Filling Station Robbery

After a series of auto-related thefts, the shadow of suspicion looms ever longer over Jimmy--a youth with a troubled past. How long can Andy rush to Jimmy's defense before his faith in the boy is shaken?

The Andy Griffith Show EP7

Andy Discovers America

Opie's reinterpretation of Andy's encouragement lands Andy in hot water with Opie's new teacher, Miss Helen "Old Lady" Crump.

The Andy Griffith Show EP8

Show Aunt Bees Medicine Man

Andy must protect Aunt Bee from a charming traveling dishonest huckster whose 170-proof "tonic" provides temporary relief from a mid-life crisis.

The Andy Griffith Show EP9

The Darlings Are Coming

The Darlings, a musical mountain family, descend upon Mayberry.

The Andy Griffith Show EP10

A Wife for Andy

Barney's ready for Andy to get married, but Andy is not. In the situations that follow, Andy may have found someone unbeknownst to Mayberry's most meddlesome matchmaker.

The Andy Griffith Show EP11

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

It's pandemonium when eleven stray dogs invade the courthouse. The boys have to find out what to do with them before a state investigator arrives to do an audit.

The Andy Griffith Show EP12

Mountain Wedding

The Darlings ask Andy to help them deal with wild mountain man Ernest T. Bass, who wants the already-married Charlene Darling/Wash for himself.

The Andy Griffith Show EP13

The Big House

When the Mayberry jail is called upon to lodge two hold-up men captured by the state police, Barney finds himself with more than he can handle - especially when "assisted" by ad-hoc deputy Gomer.