PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED. A rural Ozark family relocates to Beverly Hills after discovering oil on their property worth $25 million.

Comedy, Family

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The Beverly Hillbillies EP1

The Clampetts Strike Oil

A representative tells Jed Clampett of an oil company that the swamp behind his shack is full of oil. Jed does a deal, and the journey to Beverly Hills begins.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP2

Getting Settled

The Clampetts begin to settle in their new home in Beverly Hills, California. They have to adjust to things such as refrigerators, ovens, and the "cement pond." Jed also has to confront how his daughter Elly May is maturing. He tells her that he, in effect, raised her as a boy and should not have. Jethro also encounters a flamingo that he thinks is a chicken.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP3

Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin

While Granny boils pool water for washing and Elly May gets a feminine make-over by Miss Hathaway, cousin Pearl is back at the cabin making eyes with the visiting oil man while he gives her a ride to the nearest phone.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP4

The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale

Mr. Drysdale panics when Mrs. Drysdale comes back from Boston early because she'll meet the Clampetts. He sets Miss Hathaway on a plan to get them to go to Palm Springs. Meanwhile, Grannie and Jed come to think Mrs. Drysdale is a drunk and make plans to cure her.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP5

Jed Buys Stock

Grannie prepares her special mash to help cure Mrs. Drysdale's drinking problem, while Jed does as Mr. Drysdale suggests and buys stock: cows, goats, pigs, and chickens! Meanwhile, Mrs. Drysdale recovers from the shock of her first meeting with the Clampetts and is convinced she imagines things.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP6

Trick or Treat

Granny wants to go home because folks are so unfriendly no one has come to call. Jed convinces her they should call on them, and they find that people welcome them and give them all manner of gifts when they show up on Halloween in their normal hillbilly clothes. Also, Jed works on getting Pearl to come to visit while she's trying to get hitched to the oilman and find a young man for Jethrine.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP7

The Servants

Ellie May starts wearing dresses but takes it as an insult when someone says she looks like a city girl. Mr. Drysdale talks Jed into taking in his butler and upstairs girl in a plan to civilize the Clampetts, but they don't quite understand the idea of servants. Miss Hathaway takes Jethro bowling and begins to show an interest in him.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP8

Jethro Goes to School

Jed enrolls Jethro at an exclusive Beverly Hills elementary school. Millicent Schuyler-Potts, the school's proprietor, is aghast when Jed and Jethro show up, convinced this is part of some ghastly hoax. After Jed says that banker Milburn Drysdale is his neighbor, she calls the banker. It turns out that Drysdale's bank holds the mortgage on the school. Schulyer-Potts suddenly warms to the charms of the Clampetts, even if it means accepting Jethro as a fifth-grader.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP9

Elly's First Date

Mr. Drysdale convinces his self-absorbed stepson Sonny to date Elly May, to Mrs. Drysdale's dismay, while Granny and Jed make preparations for Thanksgiving.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP10

Pygmalion and Elly

Sonny Drysdale decides he needs to be Pygmalion to Elly's Galatea and remake her from a hillbilly into a woman of society, while Granny uses love charms to heat their relationship.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP11

Elly Races Jethrine

When Sonny Drysdale promises to give Elly May a ring, Granny thinks he will propose and become a matchmaker. Cousin Pearl can't stand the idea that Elly May will get married before Jethrine, so she sets to matchmaking Jethrine with Jasper Depew.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP12

The Great Feud

Granny and the rest of the Clampetts start a feud with the Drysdales since Sonny courted Elly May and then stood her up when granny suggested marriage.

The Beverly Hillbillies EP13

Home for Christmas

Jed, Ellie May, Jethro, and Granny take their first plane flight back home for Christmas to visit cousin Pearl, busy cooking up a feast to win Mr. Brewster's, unwilling heart.