The wacky misadventures of a forever-scheming woman, her reluctant best friend, and her cantankerous boss.

Comedy, Family

13 x 30 HD Episodes Available

The Lucy Show EP1

Lucy Meets Robert Goulet

When a handsome truck driver is turned down for a loan, she convinces him to enter a Robert Goulet look-alike contest in order to win the needed cash.

The Lucy Show EP2

Lucy Meets John Wayne

Mr. Mooney sends Lucy to deliver some papers pertaining to the financing of John Wayne's latest production. Despite his orders to drop off the papers with one of the studio's secretaries, Lucy insists on meeting Mr. Wayne in person at lunch and spills ketchup all over him.

The Lucy Show EP3

Lucy Gets Jack Benny's Account

Lucy tries to convince Jack Benny to take his money from his underground vault and deposit it in Mr. Mooney's bank. She plans to do so by designing even more elaborate precautions than Benny's own booby-trapped passages.

The Lucy Show EP4

Lucy Meets The Berles

Lucy moonlights as Milton Berle's secretary. She overhears Milton rehearsing a torrid love scene, thinks that the comedian is cheating on his wife, and plots a suitable comeuppance.

The Lucy Show EP5

Lucy Meets Mel Torme

Mr. Mooney and Lucy travel to a quaint small town to loan the mayor money to build a highway right down Main Street. When they arrive, they are greeted with intense opposition, and Lucy decides to join the anti-highway townspeople fight the new road.

The Lucy Show EP6

Lucy and George Burns

When visiting the bank as a customer, George Burns finds out that Lucy is instinctively funny and asks her to become a partner in his show.

The Lucy Show EP7

Lucy and Carol Burnett In Palm Springs

Lucy calls in sick so she can join her roommate, Carol Burnett, at a Palm Springs resort. Unfortunately, her boss, Mr. Mooney, is staying at the same hotel.

The Lucy Show EP8

Lucy and The Flight Manager

Lucy encourages a washed-up boxer, Don Rickles, to come out of retirement for one match to earn enough money to open a flower shop.

The Lucy Show EP9

Lucy and The Submarine

Mr. Mooney leaves the office for two weeks of training in the Naval Reserve but forgets to sign some important papers. Lucy tracks him to the submarine on which he will sail on maneuvers and, dressing as a sailor, boards the ship in an attempt to get him to sign the document. The submarine leaves for sea before Lucy can leave the vessel.

The Lucy Show EP10

Lucy and The Substitute Secretary

Lucy is preparing to go on vacation, but she has a change of heart when her substitute secretary turns out to be an attractive blonde who Mr. Mooney really likes. Lucy secretly doesn't go on vacation and spies on them in various disguises.

The Lucy Show EP11

Lucy and The RingaDing Ring

Lucy tries on an expensive ring Mr. Mooney had made for his wife; it looks like the bank manager won't be able to give his spouse the anniversary present - it gets stuck on Lucy's finger.

The Lucy Show EP12

Lucy Meets The Law

Lucy is accused of being the notorious red-haired shoplifter who has been victimizing area stores.

The Lucy Show EP13

Lucy The Babysitter

Mr. Mooney bets Lucy that she can't find other employment and last for the entire day. If Lucy wins the bet, Mr. Mooney will rehire her and give her a raise. Lucy then tries to show off her babysitting skills by watching a bunch of Monkeys!