The Outsiders Club is an exciting program starring kids who explore the great outdoors and model ways to pursue a healthier, more active, nature-connected lifestyle. Each episode features an outdoor adventure, such as camping, fishing, kayaking, or hiking. Plus, our Nutritional Moments provide fun, easy tips on staying healthy while you’re adventuring in the great outdoors!

The Outsider’s Club EP1

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The Club heads into the great outdoors for a camping adventure! Brandon and Elainena trek through the woods spotting wildlife, while Chase and Daja fumble through their own canoeing experience. Back at the Fuel Lab, Chase discovers breakfast can be healthy when he learns the secrets of the breakfast in a Cup Recipe.

The Outsider’s Club EP2

Daja hits the high seas for her first sailing lesson! From land to sea, she finds some freedom in learning how to rig and sail her boat. Then, Brandon and Elainena bring the sweet and spicy to the Fuel Lab when they take on the Salsa Challenge. Also, Elainena lends some flair to braiding crafts and Penny, the Outsider's mascot, with Project Paracord!

The Outsider’s Club EP3

Elainena's blown away when she hits up a BMX track. Experts show her a few tricks and tips for taking biking to the extreme. Back at the Fuel Lab, Daja has a hard time with a Veggie Pancake recipe that, yes, includes actual veggies. And Brandon decides the Club needs to chill with their pallet chair project!

The Outsider’s Club EP4

Brandon longboards his way to stardom! He gets an excellent primer in the basics from a longboarding expert. In the Fuel Lab, Daja and Chase whip out a few new ingredients to compete for the prize in the Power Pizza Challenge. And Elainena joins the skating fun with a plan for a skateboard shelf project!

The Outsider’s Club EP5

Chase gets gnarly and rips some waves! Surfing looks different when Chase hangs with an expert for a few pointers. Back at the Fuel Lab, one of Daja's favorite recipes gets a healthy makeover. Healthy Mac ’n Cheese, anyone? And she brings some of the beach back from vacation for a shell wind chime project!

The Outsider’s Club EP6

Daja gallops into the unknown in a horseback riding adventure she's likely never to forget. Saddle up and get ready to shout a few Yeehaw's! Then things get a little cheesy in the Fuel Lab when Brandon and Elainena team up for the Scrambled Up Challenge. And Chase and Daja take on their biggest, baddest project yet when they put up a zipline!

The Outsider’s Club EP7

Brandon catches more than bass when he takes a trip through fishing basics with an Outsider expert. From bait to catch, there’s more to fishing than catching fish. Then, Elainena gets fruity in the Fuel Lab with a fresh, healthy, homemade Popsicle recipe. And she teaches Brandon a new way to keep his catch Gyotaku, the ancient art of fish rubbing!

The Outsider’s Club EP8

Elainena gets the surprise of her life when Chase takes her on an extreme nature walk. Things might get a little messy by the end. Then, the Fuel Lab hosts a competition that takes Elainena, Brandon, and Daja into the undiscovered world of smoothies with avocado! And Daja and Brandon find out catching some rays can get creative with their Sunlight Shirt Printing project.

The Outsider’s Club EP9

Chase dives in with some exotic fish friends at Aquarium Encounters in the Florida Keys! And boy, does he get up close and personal. Then it's off to the Fuel Lab, where Brandon gets messy with a delicious No-Bake Granola recipe. And Daja and Chase dig into their mess with a Travel Aquarium for Daja's friendly goldfish, Sunny.

The Outsider’s Club EP10

Daja discovers gardening with a group of adventurous students! Their school community garden has taken on a life of its own, and she's there to check it out. Then, Chase and Brandon make salads enjoyable when they rush to the Fuel Lab for the Crazy Salad Challenge. And Chase keeps this episode green with a surprise Herb Garden project for his mom's birthday.

The Outsider’s Club EP11

Chase balances on a fine wire when he drops in on the Keys Cable Park. Things get wild when he skims his way along with the crazy cable system. Then Daja and Chase face-off in the Fuel Lab for a good ol' fashioned boys versus girls Sandwich Challenge, Master Class! And Daja surprises Chase with a personalized project: a reptile habitat for his new snake.

The Outsider’s Club EP12

Brandon discovers a whole new world, a tiny one! When he goes on a bug hunt, an Outsider expert shows him how cool bugs can be. Then Chase races to the Fuel Lab for a twist on a stand-by after-school snack, the Grilled Cheese. And Elainena and Brandon create their own Outsiders world when they put together a classic bottle ecosystem!

The Outsider’s Club EP13

The Club wraps up the season with a look back at some of their favorite Outsider moments. Some are fun, some are firsts, and some are just plain crazy! Then, Brandon conquers the Quesadilla, and a new ingredient, in a grand Fuel Lab experiment. And he strikes up a brilliant plan to rid the Club of mosquitoes by building a bat house!