You and your kids will roar while learning about wild animals! This educational, fun series gives fascinating facts and interesting information about dozens of animals in the wild! 

Family, Animals, Safari, Educational, Informational, History 

3 x 30 HD Episodes Available

Wild Animals For Kids EP1

In this episode, you’ll learn all about the Cheetah, Lion, Bird, Elephant, Safari, Puma, Fox, Leopard, Porcupine, Badger, Flamingo, Primate, Wolf, Bear, Gorilla, Meerkat, Bat, Giraffe, Springbok, and Maasai Tribe.

Wild Animals For Kids EP2

In this episode, you’ll learn all about the Seal, Baboon, Lynx, Leopard, Elephant, Rainforest, Lion, Red Sand Desert, Monkey, Penguin, Rhino, Jaguar, Red Colobus Monkey, Trees of Africa, Hyena, Buffalo, Antelope, and Jackal.

Wild Animals For Kids EP3

In this episode, you’ll learn all about the Gannet, Wild Cats, Vulture, Marabou Stork, Hippo, Safari on Foot, Secretary Bird, Zebra, Snake, Lizard, Tiger, Birds of Africa, Pangolin, Termite, Crocodile, Ostrich, Cheetah, Shark, Wolverine, Rhino, Weavers, and Mongoose.